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Creature WIP by indigocorpses Creature WIP :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 0
Closed Arms
do you think we could
maybe sort
something out?
make a deal?
maybe strike an agreement?
i mean, you've dished out
so much pain
for one little person
and i'm not sure, that
i can handle much more.
i'm at the
breaking point.
i'm at the moment when
my life is teetering in the teeth
of the beast gnawing on my
and my mind.
i can't control my actions anymore,
i can't.
and you can't expect me to
be able to deal with
this all alone.
yet, you send them all away
you send away everyone who
is close to me.
why do you do this to me?
why do you do this to your children?
i thought we were special.
i thought we were loved
and cared for.
i'm sure
if i were to die
right this instance.
you would not want me
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 1
thinking is useless
now we're back here again.
we're back to lying to ourselves
we're back to arguing between two people
making excuses and doing this stupid shit.
we knew we'd never be roommates
we knew we'd never go to college together
you knew that from the moment you dropped me the first time
that'd you drop me again.
how can you say you loved me?
i take that back.
you couldn't even say it.
three letters does not equal
the amount of room i carved
in my heart for you
can you imagine what it's like to hollow out a space
that's been kept so packed?
can you feel the pain of an open wound
feel the way i bleed?
you knew you never could
knew you never would.
yet you kept leading me, you kept leading me
i was stupid, blind and carless like
a lamb,
and you led me to the slaughter.
you cooked me, and ate me
and spat me back out.
and ate me again.
and then again
and then again
and then again.
until i was unchewable
until i was tasteless
until i couldn't serve a purpose anymore.
and now
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 3
Your Thoughts
go ahead.
throw it all away.
i don't care anymore.
i'm sick of being there, sick of being
everywhere at once, and
you can't even manage
one second away from your
go ahead. lie to all your
they'll never mean anything to you
the way i did.
the way i should have,
you couldn't manage to put in
you couldn't tear yourslef away from
i didn't do anything wrong.
i didn't say anything mean.
i didn't lie, i didn't argue
i didn't hurt you
i didn't do anything but
but that's okay.
i guess i deserve it.
i guess i was never much anyway.
i guess i deserve to be lied to
used, abused,
and thrown away,
because i'm nothing.
in your eyes.
i was never anything.
in your mind.
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 0
CAGE  WIP by indigocorpses CAGE WIP :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 0 Twilight Meme by indigocorpses Twilight Meme :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 4 Cage by indigocorpses Cage :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 2 0 Cookies Reference Sheet by indigocorpses Cookies Reference Sheet :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 5 Vulnerable by indigocorpses Vulnerable :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 2 Subway: Five Dolla Footlong by indigocorpses Subway: Five Dolla Footlong :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 1 5 Summer Time by indigocorpses Summer Time :iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 1 4
Nestled in a sacred place
High above all others.
A soft and inviting domicile.
Of flowers and vines.
To wrap your body in.
Leaves to jump among.
Pond skaters for your eyes to follow.
Lily pads of the deepest shade of emerald.
And only you can see it.
Only you could sprout the wings
To take flight to this abode in the sky.
And only you can supply
The water this world needs
To live, vibrant and green.
Colour meshing against
Your beautiful, nude flesh.
And only you can be here
To experience the Garden
Of the Heavens.
Only you can
Make this experience
One I want to be a part of.
One I want to be pulled into
No matter how hard it is
To get there
To stay there.
I want to be there
Right along side
With both our wings out
No more tears
No more lies
No more broken faith.
No more hate
No more days spent
Wondering where you are
Where I am.
Where we are supposed to be.
Because we are here.
The best place for us.
Where no one will laugh.
Or question.
Where no one can hurt
Or get us to break apart.
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 0
Loose Lips
I scream that it hurts.
He screams back that it feels good.
He knows better than
To go around and leave tracks
That he can't take back.
But I know what will happen
if they see.
I'll keep my loose lips shut.
I'd better keep my sleeves long.
And we won't have a problem.
I'll keep my heart closed.
My tears dry.
My words inside.
Where they belong.
I don't blame him, for loving me.
I know he does.
And I do, too.
But I just want to help him.
I need to love him.
He needs me too.
But I'm only a toy to him.
A porcelain doll.
On display for him.
And I'm so fragile
That one little flick
Can send me into
A brand new world.
And it's a sure thing,
That I won't wake up
Feeling refreshed.
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 0
Never Before
I am so tired
I have had barely
Any sleep in the past
Few days because I
Can't stop my mind
From racing
When I think
How you looked from the
Your eyes on the
Street for
The most part.
I've never seen you like that.
The way your hand stayed mostly
On the phone
Never on the wheel
Sometimes it
Went else where.
It looked so amazing
That I was suddenly
Found wondering why
I chose the seat behind
Instead of
The passenger seat
Where I could
Observe you
And you could observe
Even if I'm not the
prettiest, the
skinniest, the
smartest, the
fastest, the
easiest, the
most charming,
I still wanted those
Darting eyes
From the street to the
Smile on my
To be on me the
Whole ride.
The whole time.
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 1 2
Wild Side
Can I write in poetry form?
I hate writing all paragraphed
                      and blocked.
I want to write
Make scribbles out
of            w o r d s
Write prose, even if it’s lame.
I want to r h y m e,
when needed
    to be
       it’s not.
I want to make pictures~
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 1 4
Nodding into a mid-summer's
Head lolling on the neck.
Eyelids, dropping at the pace
Of dandelions, blowing
Away in the wind.
Eyes snap open
As a blur of white
Races across,
Her sluggish
A dance of slight reds and purples
In the mixture
Of a fast concoction.
She gets up
And fluffs her
Golden hair, headband in a bow.
Brushes off her apron
And skirt, from
Grass blades.
Her young kitten teeters
Next to her
Following the unknown.
She blinks, falls down
And soon is descending
Down into the dark
Of a depth quite misunderstood.
Clocks racing past.
Leaving small blurs
In the path of
Her wide
Eyed visionary stance.
:iconindigocorpses:indigocorpses 0 0

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I've been quite dead for some time now; I attribute this to school.

Mainly, I've just been too lazy to actually finish something fully.

Even though I got CS4 and a tablet, I feel as though I'm much more happy with the results of my traditional artwork. Of course, practice makes perfect and maybe I should spend a little less time playing with Indian Ink; however, I just prefer the feel of the sketchbook, warmed up on the cardboard side, then the cold plastic of the tablet.

I love all art, and that's always been so. But for a while, I feel like traditional seems much less shallow than digital. You can see the eraser marks of it, you can see the time spent without the click of a button to enhance the lighting or whatever.

Though, I'm sure I'll feel different eventually.

Either way, I don't have a scanner. I could use my works, but then I'd have to tell them why and I'm sure I don't want them to see my art anyhow.

So, I guess this is all a big run on story of why I'm not alive, not that any of you probably noticed.

Oh well. When I do upload something new, I will probably clean out my gallery; I hate looking at old art for some reason. |:<
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United States
i spent so much time...

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Favourite cartoon character: Armageddon Girl, if she counts.
Personal Quote: "Oh, Miceys!"


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Just here for looks. c:


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